7 Ways to Maintain Your Spirituality in this Busy World

Spirituality is often a pillar of life; a system of beliefs or traditions that keeps us strong and hopeful. But when our world gets hectic and overwhelmingly busy, we often lose touch with those ground-hugging roots, and feel unbalanced and neglectful.

There is no need to lose your mind or your spirituality over busy times – here are seven easy steps to keep you connected:

1. Slow Down Your Mind

The one thing spirituality needs to exist in your life is you. In order to stay connected, it’s important to find ways to slow down your mind, even when running from one place to another. Try to stay in each moment, instead of letting your mind race to the next to-do on the list. Taking a deep slow breath will relax your body and clear your mind instantly, allowing spirituality to seep in and coexist with your busy life.

2. Be Grateful

The simple act of gratitude is in itself a form of spirituality. When you run around all stressed out, you will most likely forget to be grateful for the loving people in your life, for the chances you have that many don’t. When you are able to slow down your mind a few times a day, and be grateful for your many blessings throughout the day, you will be two steps closer to reconnecting effortlessly with your spirituality.

3. Increased Quality

If devoting 30 minutes of your day to your spirituality is making you even more stressed out because you are exhausted, or out of time, it will not be beneficial. Try dividing this time into smaller lapses during which you are fully present, giving each moment high quality and meaning. Adapt your spirituality to the rhythm of your life.

4. Sacred Time & Place

Allow time, every day, where you can enjoy a few minutes of solitude and gently tap into your spirituality. Nature is often a very good place to rejuvenate and quiet the mind. It could be a garden or a park close to work, or simply in a quiet room in your house. Find a place, and a time, that allows you to reconnect to yourself and your spirituality.

5. Set Your Environment

Another way to not ‘forget’ your spiritual life and stay connected is to set objects, paintings, or framed quotes in your environment, that remind you of your beliefs constantly. It can even be a bracelet, a pendant, a card in your wallet, something you can see or touch that will bring you right back to your root system and give you strength, even just for a moment. It becomes a connection.

6. Make it a Habit

In a very busy world, repetition is key when you want to stick to a new habit. Start by devoting just five minutes in the morning or before bedtime to meditate, pray or practice your spirituality every day. Begin with a small and easily attainable goal, and stick to it. Soon it will become a natural part of your routine.

7. Reevaluate

In addition to making time to stay in touch with your belief system, also reevaluate the activities and obligations you set for yourself each day, and decide if they are truly needed, or how they could be achieved more efficiently. Staying connected to your spirituality can help you see the unhealthy patterns in your life, and allow you to make changes.

Your spirituality never leaves you. It is there with you at all times, even when you are too busy to attend to it. The goal is to slowly make room in your schedule to let your spiritual-self flow back into your life, and rebalance your mind, body and soul. It doesn’t take much to lose track, but it also doesn’t take much to stay in touch.