When Your Marriage or Relationship Ends


Ending a marriage or long-term relationship is a big life transition for all women. No one enters into a marriage or a committed relationship expecting that it will come to an end. A relationship’s end, whatever the reasons, is the loss of a dream you had for yourself and your family. For women who are considering divorce, going through a divorce, or even post-divorce, there are many mixed emotions.

If you are facing divorce, you may feel angry, sad, scared, relieved, concerned for the well-being of your children, or worried about finances. These are only a few of the emotions you are most likely going through right now.  

Sometimes it can be difficult to make sense of it all. You may wonder why you can be feeling fine one moment, and the next moment be flooded with sadness or anger. You may feel like you are being carried by the ocean, not knowing if you will be in calm or stormy seas from one moment to the next.

So Many Questions. So Much Uncertainty About the Future.

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The future is so uncertain. I never imagined I would be single again. I am so angry, frustrated, exhausted, and sad. Are my children going to be okay? How will I be able to manage work, household, and parenting on my own? I would like to get a good night’s sleep and not wake up worrying. Will I ever find peace and happiness again after divorce? I never imagined I would be looking for a therapist specializing in divorce counseling!

Approximately 40-50% of couples divorce in the United States. The divorce rate for second and subsequent marriages is even higher. There are also more divorced women in the U.S. than ever before. Despite the frequency and increase in divorce it is still a painful, personal, and life-changing experience.  

Counseling Can Help You with This Major Life Transition

Divorce counseling and breakup counseling is beneficial for women because it provides a safe, compassionate, and confidential environment to process feelings and emotions leading up to, during, and following a divorce or breakup. Even if you were the one to initiate the end of the relationship, you may still have feelings of guilt, shame, fear, sadness, and fear about your decision and how your life will change.  

If divorce was not your decision, or if your relationship is ending due to infidelity that you and you partner are unable to repair, you may feel more intense emotions around the loss of your marriage or relationship.

I offer women a divorce counseling experience that provides compassion, concern, comfort, and safety when discussing difficult events in the marriage relationship. Whatever the reason for the end of your marriage or relationship, there is no judgment about the reasons why. 


My focus in divorce counseling and breakup counseling for women is to help you identify and process the many emotions you may be feeling, collaborate with you on strategies and techniques to help you regain confidence and self-empowerment, and to move forward in the next phase of your life with feelings of peace, calm, and happiness. Each of the women I see for divorce counseling or breakup counseling has a set of circumstances and experiences that are unique to them. I tailor your counseling for you and your needs. You will find me to be present to your needs, compassionate, caring, with a comfortable space to explore your particular emotions, situation, and challenges.  

Divorce and the end of a committed relationship can be a devastating experience, but it can get better and you can become stronger, more self-assured, and more emotionally healthy than you were before.

I have helped many women in the period leading up to separation from their partner, during the period of separation, in the period of time when navigating the family, financial, and legal aspects of the end of a marriage or relationship, and the after-divorce time of their lives.

My maturity and life-experience, as well as my training and education, make me uniquely qualified to accompany you on this challenging and emotion-filled period of your life.

Do you still have questions about divorce counseling or breakup counseling? You might be asking yourself ….

“Why should I see you for divorce counseling?”  

I know that you have a choice when you choose a counselor. My practice specialty is working with women of all ages to help them navigate life transitions, including divorce and relationship breakup. I am particularly attuned to women who are young adults, as well as women who have been married for decades, and find themselves in the difficult place of ending their marriage. My goal is to help you find happiness and life satisfaction given your new life circumstances. The words I hear often from women in my office are, “You have helped me so much.”  

“Isn’t counseling expensive? Adding financial stress to an already stressful situation doesn’t sound like something I want to do right now.”

Divorce counseling and counseling following a breakup is an important step in taking care of yourself. When you are able to address concerns in the safety of my office, in a confidential setting, you will be better able to be present and your best for your children, be able to improve focus at work, and learn skills and techniques to help reduce stress in your life. Think of counseling as an investment in YOU! Taking care of yourself by processing your thoughts and feelings with an experienced and qualified counselor is a gift you can give yourself at this time. You deserve it! 

“How often do I have to see you for counseling to benefit me?”

Everyone I see in my office has a different set of circumstances they bring to divorce counseling with me. No two women are in exactly the same place when they begin to see me. I schedule weekly and bi-weekly appointments with clients and will discuss your particular needs with you at your first appointment. I will collaborate with you to find what works best for you and your schedule, your family circumstances, and your personal finances.

The relationship with your counselor is key to success in divorce counseling. You must feel comfortable, safe, and valued to have a positive experience. Because I believe the therapeutic relationship between a client and therapist is so important, I offer a no-cost, no-obligation 30-minute consultation in my office for anyone who is interested in engaging with me as their counselor. This consultation gives you the opportunity to meet me, see my office where we will work together, ask me any questions you may have, and see if you feel I am a good fit for your needs.

More questions?

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