8 Ways Retirement Can Be the Best Time of Your Life

Retirement can be an exciting and energizing transition, and possibly a little scary as well. Maybe you were able to ease into it by working part time for a while, or perhaps your company’s resource actions forced you into early retirement. In any case, retirement doesn’t have to feel like your life is ending. On the contrary, it can be the beginning of something even better!

Here are eight ways retirement will positively change your life:

1. Goodbye Stress!

Similar to taking a vacation, stress can stay in tow for several days before you begin to reap the benefits of stepping away from your busy life. The absence of stressful and hectic schedules may even feel uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and destabilizing at first. Not to worry: The peace of mind and clarity, that soon follows your newly-found, stress-free routine, will surprise and please the most reluctant retiree!

2. Freedom

No need to get up early in the morning, or rush to fight traffic and meet deadlines. You are now free to do as you please, when you please. When was the last time you asked yourself “What shall I do this week?” Welcome to your new freedom-filled life!

3. Get Things Done

Once you’ve settled into your new groove, and are looking for something to occupy your time, you may decide to finally tackle those tasks you have been putting aside for ages because you were too busy. It could be creating family photo albums, getting rid of clothes or furniture that is no longer needed, repainting a room in the house, or anything else to clear out your to-do list and your space.

4. Travel

You no longer have to report back to your job every day, or feel guilty to just pack up and leave. This is a magnificent time to travel abroad, or even visit places around town you have never been to. Open new horizons, see places you’ve always wanted to see, but couldn’t because of work restrictions.

5. Reconnect

With more free time on your hands, retirement is a golden opportunity to reconnect with long lost friends, or family members you have not seen in a while. When we rush through our lives, and everyone is busy, our most beloved relationships are often the ones that suffer. Make the most of your free time, and reconnect with the people around you.

6. Take Care of Yourself

It’s not only our relationships that pay the price of a busy life; we tend to also neglect our personal health. We eat on the run, and exercise on the run (if at all). We rarely stop to appreciate the small moments in each day, or relax. Retirement allows you to rebalance your daily routine to include good nutrition, exercise, rest, and plenty of fresh air.

7. Give Your Time

Retirement is a perfect time to seek volunteering opportunities for causes you believe in and cherish. Not only is it a rewarding experience and a worthy contribution, it also keeps you sharp, learning, and engaged in life outside of your home, while meeting new people. You now have the time and freedom to do work that truly matters to you, or perhaps work in an area that you’ve always wanted to try.

8. Re-Invent Yourself

As we work our way through life, we sometimes wander away from our original passions or beliefs, but we also discover new talents or interests along the way. There is no better time than retirement to re-invent yourself. Learn something new, invest in an intriguing hobby, and be who you want to be.

Whether retirement takes you flying through adventurous travels, or comforts you with a well-deserved, calm and relaxing time at home, make the most of it by cherishing the people you care about, and enjoying the simple joys of life. Make every moment count.