Women: Five Reasons It's Not Too Late to Start Something New

Whether you are forced into a change because of downsizing or resource actions, or because you are ready for a slower pace with less hours, stress, or responsibilities, a career change later in life is highly common and predictable.

You have already adapted to multitudes of unexpected changes in your life, what you decide to do with your career, and your goals at this time is no different: you can evolve, adapt, and succeed at anything you set your mind to. It’s never too late to start something new, here is why:

1. You know yourself better now

Your life experience has brought you undeniable knowledge about who you are as a person, your strengths, your likes and dislikes, passions, and hidden talents — things you didn’t know when you were 20. You know what sparks the light in your eyes, what drains the energy out of you, what gets you motivated. You know what you want and why you want it. You can find employment that better fits your goals, your expertise, and who you have become.

2. Maturity and knowledge

No diploma can teach the knowledge and life lessons you have acquired over the years. You are in a position to make mature decisions with a full understanding of possible real-life repercussions, efforts, and necessary investments to make it happen.

Take this time to reassess all of your skills and achievements. Make a list of all the experience and expertise you have accumulated over the years that are transferable to different jobs or careers.

3. Determination and motivation

Even though it may seem scary or even impossible to embark on something new later on in your life, the reasons behind your desire to do something different are filled with a determination, will power, and certainty that can only come with years of experience.

It takes motivation and determination to make changes in our lives, especially if it is a drastic or more elaborate transformation. However, age is not a factor when making positive changes in your life. Be open to something new and start networking as soon as possible to let people know you are looking for a new challenge.

4. Learning opportunities

Education opportunities are everywhere. From returning to college to earn a degree, to continuing education, community offered classes, to the internet, there is a vast array of ways to learn something new and get to the place you want to be. While entering a program that would require 15 years of education might not be an optimal solution for you, there could be several related opportunities that could bring you the satisfaction of contributing and working in a similar environment.

Whether you want to tackle the career you’ve never had, or want to do something that aligns more with who you are now, there are many accessible ways to achieve it.

5. Change is good!

Change keeps us afloat and keeps us energized. The ‘new you’ may be ready for a new step in life. Trust yourself and your decisions. Make sure to block out those inner voices that constantly try to ‘protect’ you from the unknown. Being smart with your choices is a must, but while keeping both feet on the ground and doing your research (what’s involved, finance, education, etc.), unleash your creative side and live the life you want to live.

If you are not interested or ready for a drastic change in your life, or maybe the career you would like demands too much time, money, or education, nothing stops you from volunteering or taking a different job within the field of expertise you are interested in.

Life has changed, and so have you. Learning and doing something new, whether a hobby or a career, is beneficial for your overall health and well-being.