7 Ways to Bring Affection Back Into Your Relationship

We’re all guilty of it. We shove things and people to the side, trying to keep up with life’s constant demands and obligations, and we end up neglecting the ones we love the most. Other times, it’s a cold breeze of conflicts that settles in, putting our head battles ahead of our hearts, and the gap grows, leaving affection out of the equation.

In an ideal world we would never lose focus on our partner or ourselves, but when we do, the sooner we realize it the better. Here are some simple ways you and your partner can bring affection back into your relationship.

1. Think soft

Our reality is harsh. We never stop. We build a strong self in order to make it through the day, almost in constant survival mode.

Affection on the other hand, requires us to be calm, soft, gentle, caring, and compassionate. Before you can turn this affection into a more tangible change in your relationship, you need to tune your mind first.

Take a moment to look at your partner and find that sweet side you’ve always loved about him or her, or a special moment you’ve had with one another. Cherish the memory and let yourself smile. You just found your soft side again.

2. Touch

A simple loving touch as you walk by or a gentle kiss on the cheek as you cook, can happily surprise your loved one and recreate the magic you once had. Hold hands on occasion when walking. Keep the physical connection alive.

3. Get closer

In addition to the occasional touch, make time in the morning, in front of the TV, or in bed at night, to snuggle with your partner. It doesn’t have to lead to anything more than just soaking up the great feeling of being together, comfortable.

Another important aspect of closeness we often take for granted is eye contact. We talk while looking at our phones, checking the weather on the computer, while cooking, or walking into another room. The truth is, we forget to dive deep into our partner’s eyes and truly acknowledge his or her presence.

4. Have a good laugh

Laughter is therapeutic. It releases stress and makes us forget about our concerns and worries. It brings back the joy in the relationship. Find the type of humor that makes you both laugh, and rent a movie or watch a stand-up comedy show, anything that will make you both laugh out loud together.

5. Be best friends

Forget that your loved one is your spouse for a minute, and see him or her as your friend. Bring back the unconditional level of caring, kindness, and compassion you once felt for each other. Take time to truly listen, be patient and loving.

6. Break the routine

Routine has a way of sinking its teeth into every pleasure we once enjoyed. Break the cycle and do something out of the ordinary.

It can be something you used to do together, or something completely different that you’ve always wanted to try. It doesn’t have to be grandiose, or require travels around the world; it just needs some sparks, rejuvenation, and novelty.

7. Go on a date

Plan an official date with each other. Dress up, be on time, no excuses. Avoid any conversations about how tired you are or how stressed you feel; treat it as your first date, when first impressions were everything. Why not flirt even! Get the heat and mystery back on the plate!

Overall, simplify your life and your relationship and go back to basics. Don’t look up to your partner to make you feel good; start by taking care of yourself and your own happiness so you are desirable and pleasant to be around. Then bring all that good energy and self-confidence into reconnecting with your loved one.

The most wonderful moments are always the simplest. Cherish one another.